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Sunday, October 28, 2007



Eaaaaaaaak OMG what are you like???
That is like the nicest thing anyones done for me *sobs*

Really - from the bottom of my my little black heart THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Can't wait for Crimbo :)

manuela f

Wow! I like your style very well! Compliment for the layout !


so pleased to see you both as good friends :)

Tracie H

WOW! Anam thats a stunning Lo and a wonderful token of your friendship with Kimmy.



Wow, what a fab LO and such a nice thing to do :)

Annette Taylor

That's a beautiful thing to do babes xx


Great story and fab LO.

Casey Rivas

Beautiful layout! What a sweet thing to do. :)


Beautiful layout!

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