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Thursday, January 31, 2013



Ahhh Anam. You and I are sure on the same page (pun intended). As you know I have arrived at a similar place in my scrapbooking journey. I began to realise that taking it all so seriously was sucking the fun out of it for me. I'd go to scrap a childhood memory but get frustrated because "I can't use that product because its not the right brand/it's too old/etc". I've taken it back to what it's meant to be about: preserving memories for my family. Now I can really put my heart and soul into it and that's what I need right now. I don't need to impress anyone. I might still submit to some magazines. If they like what I do that's good. If they don't, I won't mind. Enjoy what you do and keep it real. x


that is such a beautiful and humble blog post. I'm a bit choked for you about the email that you received - how fantastic! To be talented but also being able to remember the real reason for scrapping in the first place - those are gifts to be prized

Kate Blue

I agree with all you've said-but I gotta say that not all the "well knowns" are friendly like you-some of them are very snotty and would never associate with "non-published" regulars (trust me, this is what I hear from my friends)...I wish the industry would mix up the talent but don't get me started! I try to maintain that balance-yes I want to be published more, bit damn, it is stressful creating stuff for them so I limit what I submit to every other year. I still wish you'd come back in some form :):)


I loved your post Anam. It really touched my heart. You are amazing and your art is amazing! You were the first person who believed in me and gave me the confidence to explore my creativity. I will never forget that and how you made me feel. I am so glad that you are getting back into scrapbooking and look so forward to being inspired by you. Have a wonderful day!

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