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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Shannon@ Bombshell Stamp

Ooooh, adore your cards Anam! Way to rock the Red, White & Blue you crazy girl :)

AND thanks for the post about Cards For Heroes on PCP! I was able to get in on donating some prizes at the very last minute... See ya at the hop!


Chris C.

Your cards are great! Thanks so much for participating.

Vicki (basement stamper)

These are very lovely creations and so unique!! TFS! ;)


So different from all the other cards, beautiful, TFS!


I love, love, love to see someone else that is making all different types of cards too! If you have any ideas for teenagers, let me know!

Tami B.

Love your style and I love that you are thinking of those who will be receiving your cards.

Nancy Maxwell James

I loved reading your post because so much of what you said is true. As a military Mom (and daughter of WWII vet) I can relate. Your cards are beautiful! Thank you for donating to our troops!

Sarah M

Wonderful cards!

Heidi Erickson

Loving all your cards.. Thanks for inspiration. Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Weekend ♥


Adorable cards. I love them all.

Dawn B.

man that scull card rocks...Gotta get that! love your work..


thanks for the intro to Bombshell stamps...I know where my next "extra cash" is going! Great cards

WIndy Robinson

I love them all! Fab!

Sue McGettigan

Wonderful cards, LOVE the skull card, and so great to see that you're sending less traditional cards, I like to think there are plenty of non-traditional folks receiving just the right card for them! Keep up the great work, and Happy Memorial Day to you.


Great cards!! Thanks for participating in the blog hop!


enjoying the hop


Great variety of cards. I am sure the Heroes and their families will enjoy them. Thanks for supporting Cards for Heroes.

Kelli Waters

Your cards are beautiful!


LOVE these cards!! I was caught by the Bombshell card first - LOL - then that flower, wowowow! Then the sweet Pride & Joy fox? Too much goodness here to pick faves! Thanks for joining in the hop and inspiring us all!


Wow - LOVE your cards. That first one knocks my socks off!

This is so much fun! So happy to be doing the blog hop for such a good cause with such a great, generous group of talented peeps! *smile*

Jennifer B.

Awesome cards, very unique!

Jennifer Hansen

What a great thing you guys are doing!


All fun cards! TFS!

Lisa Renea

WOW!!!! Love, love your style/cards! So unique, fresh and fun! What a fab way to support the CFH!!

Lynn Spencer

I love your cards. Thanks so much for supporting this event. I am the proud Mother of a US soldier!
Thank you for supporting our troops.

Heather Ippolito

Wow!! Your cards are so unique and that flower is out of this world!!! Amazing job!


Oooh, Your cards; love 'em edgy, love 'em sweet! So fun to see your very individual take on making these cards. Thanks so much for participating in the CFH blog hop!


I love all the cards - but I have to say the fox is my favorite! They are just all so inspiring! Thanks for joining us in the blog hop this weekend, and for your support of our heroes and CFH. Thanks also for posting that poem by Pastor Niemoller. Reminds us that we all need to help each other. Have a wonderful weekend.

shelly powell

super cards, so fresh!! They will love them!


Great cards!

Nancy L.

love all the cards you've made!

Denise Wieger

I loved them all. Great cards. Thanks for sharing.

Tara Prince

Very cool cards! Thanks so much for sharing!!


As a military wife, please let me say thank you for what you are doing. It's so good to know that there are others thinking of our loved one's when they're in harms way. What a wonderful way of showing your appreciation!


You got a lot of cards done. Love the variety you made.

Carole RB

Great cards


Your cards are soooo pretty! I am enjoying this hop :)


Your cards are so different especially the Bro card. Perfect for a young guy. And thanks so for all the support you give to all the soldiers.


Swanky cards! Thanks for your support of CFH! As the spouse of a deployed solider I am sure they will be appreciated!

christy sheffield

Cute cards!


So many great, unique cards! Thanks for your efforts!


Love, love, love these unique creations.


Those are great cards.


YES! I love your cards and love your style. Adding you to my reader right now. :)


These are great cards - love your style!


I love your wonderfully whimsical cards!!
Thanks for sharing your story and supporting all our heroes.
My son is a US Marine deployed in Iraq, I appreciate the good wishes of all on this blog hop.

Gail Bolander

great originality!


Awesome cards (and your layouts in the earlier post wow). You're very talented & I'm sure your cards will bring lots of smiles. Thanks for supporting CFH

Carolyn  S.

wow, great cards, love the owls and little fox. thanks for sharing and supporting our troops

ceashark at aol dot com


Great cards! I love that they are different than the norm! The "Till Death" card is great!! And I love the owl in the last one! Thanks for sharing, and for taking part in the blog hop.


Great card creations for the CFh blog hop!

Roxanne O

Thanks for sharing! High Five to you for being honest!!
Can you tell me where would be a good place to take old magazines? I had not thought about the troops wanting something like that.


Love your cards and your "youniqueness" -- wonderful to have some nontraditionalists! Thank you for supporting our troops.

Linda C.

Fantastic inspiration for CFH!


cute cards!


Wow...fantastic cards!!!

Lisa A.

Really love all your cards and all the thought that is going into each one of them. Very unique and VERY special. They, well...ROCK! :)


awesome cards!!! thanks so much for your support of CFH!!


Your cards are great!! Thank you for supporting such a great cause!


Beautiful cards... thanks for being part of the CFH


Your cards are very unique, they are great. Thank you for supporting all the troops that and for joining the blog hop.


This is so amazing-I have goosebumps. Today I was trying to explain to my 12 year-old grandson about the Holocaust and genocide. I told him about the poem. It has been a difficult weekend because I became aware that most children today are not really taught about it. My two youngest children-25 & 28 told me they had spent less than a day studying it when they were in high school.
Did not mean to run on-but thank you for remembering and thank you for reaching out to the service persons of the world. Like you I may not agree with the politics-but these young men and women need to know we care about them. May you always be blessed-this aging hippie wishes your rainbows and sunshine!

Paula Mangum

Lovely cards. TFS

Susan Brown

Happy Memorial Day! Your cards and layouts are so beautiful and thank you for your creativity and dedication to this great cause. : ) Sb


These are great! TFS!

Mary Driggs

Love your cards.



What wonderful card! tfs!

Nikki M

Seriously cute cards! Thanks for sharing!


Your designs are so original! Thanks for sharing with CFH!


Love your originality! That BRO! card is great. Thanks for your support of all troops and CFH.

Robbie Rubala

Love your kid cards. Thanks for your support of our troops!


Victoria S.

What wonderful cards! Thanks for supporting our troops.


Wonderful cards! Thanks for sharing your work, talent, & thoughts.


Lots of different cards- neat! Thanks so much for your RAK generosity.

Day 3 and I am still hopping- I want to see and comment on every blog in this wonderful event!

Regina Jones

those are great...love that little fox.


What wonderful contributions! Thanks so much for sharing!

Caryl P

So many beautiful cards, and thanks for supporting so many troops!

Peggy M

Great cards. thanks for sharing your creativity and participating in this important project. - A Military Mom.

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

Great cards! :)


Your cards are soo cute. Thanks for sharing

Naomi Maciver

Cute cards.

Corinne Braun

amazing cards Anam! love them.... i've been making cards too - for the Canadian Troops - so far, this year - i've got over 600 in the box waiting to be sorted and sent.


Such great cards!


Very different style but I like it. Thank you for sharing not only your cards but your story.


Fun. Super fun. Love your cards. Thanks for your participation in the hop and for your service to the troops.

Patty Y.

oh, what a wonderful set of cards and a variety of great sentiments. TFS and being a fellow participant!

Kathy Thompson

Your cards are so cute. Thanks for being in the blog hop.


That poem is so true, Anam. We have to stand up for our neighbours and fellow man. Maybe one day we will be the one's needing support!


Great cards... thanks for sharing your story and supporting our armed forces.... Bless our troops this special day.


I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for supporting our Troops, and participation.

Great cards.

Jean Fitch

Lots of wow cards to back up your convictions. Thanks for sharing and for supporting CFH in their mission.


Wow - what a lot of awesome cards - you are going to make someone's day :)

Corinna Lyons-Revello

Your cards are all so beautiful and I also got to looking at the layouts you posted after Saturday and WOW, blew me away. You are an awesome artist! Thanks for visiting my blog during the CFH hop :)



Love the website and I make 40-50 cards a month for the organization. But I've learned so much more on your blog its amazing. Thank you for sharing.
God Bless

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