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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


corinne braun

Totally sweet! That's just wonderful and i can't wait to see what the future brings to you - congrats!!!


well done!!!

totally deserved

Romany Witch

Niiiiice. Well done.


Fab!!!! Well done Anam!


Whoohoo!! Fantastic news and well deserved!


Congrats Anam!!!
You totally deserve this opportunity...I am sure you will rock their socks off. :-)

Ruth Philps

Congratulations what a great write up!!

Kim Sonksen

I am so SO stinking happy for you. Even though this once I am very jealous - but not in a mean way. MME are the best EVAH and like you I have been their fan since their very first collection. You are SO going to do them proud!

Janine Wahl

YAY!!!!!!! That is awesome! Absolutely. You deserve it, Chickie.


woohooo..congarts dear!! totally deserve it!


Congrats Anam - fab news and know you will do a fab job :)


How Awesome is this!! This is my favorite paper line and I am thrilled you are on their team!! Congratulations, Anam!!

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