What is it all about ?

  • I decided to start this blog to give both Tattoo'd scrapbookers a place to show off and for people who have tattoos to get interested in scrapbooking.
  • I also want to show off scrapbooking product that are tattoo inspired so we are all inspired to create.
  • Every week on a Saturday, I will be posting information about scrapbooking products that relate to tattoos, or posting layouts that are tattoo based.
  • Once a month, I will also be putting forward ideas to get you creating art about your tattoos.
  • I am all about showing off the tattoo's people have becuase often we are still on the fringes of the general scrapbooking circles. I would love to showcase other people's tattoos - whether you are a scrapbooker or not - this blog is to share layouts about tattoo's and hopefully get more tattoo'd people into scrapbooking aswell.
  • If you are interested in joining in and sharing your layouts, please comment and i will be in touch.

A Little About Me.

  • My name is Anam. I have been tattoo'd for 10 years and scrapbooking for 4 years. I am passionate about both artforms. I currently live in Canada with my husband and little girl. We moved here in 2006 from the UK. Click to email me or to check out my regular blog.